Very Young - 1st in the Young Ardbeg Series

Stage of Journey: Very Young

Bottled: 2004

Age: 6

ABV: 58.3%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Cask Type: First Fill

Number of Bottles: ???

Bottled for: UK, Europe, Asia, NZ/AUS

Box: None

Insert/Booklet: Neck Hang

Front Label: Off-white or creme colored

Back Label: Off-white or creme colored

Initial Cost: 25

These didn't sell too fast, and one collector even said he used to give these away to friends as they were so affordable and plentiful at the time.

Front. Back.

Front Label Variation - the label on the left seems to have some font issue with the quote characters resulting in an X being displayed around 'first fill' in the description. The "Very Young" is also a different cursive font or design, and I tend to think that these were the "Very" first designs for the front label. There have been some explanations that these were either bottles returned from a market that couldn't sell them or they were mistake labels used to finish the last few bottles. I can attest to some markets not selling them quick as I was able to obtain some from New Zealand retail shops in 2008.

Bottle Codes for "Very Young" and any other bottles within range.

Bottle Code Expression Size Market Day Month Year
L4 210 19:36 4ML Very Young 700 UK 28 July 2004
L4 258 11:27 4ML Very Young 700 UK 14 September 2004
L4 350 13:24 4ML TEN (OLD) 700 UK 15 December 2004
L4 351 04:10 4ML Very Young 700 UK 16 December 2004

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