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What is the purpose of this site, and what is "The Ardbeg Project"?

The Ardbeg Project (TAP) is a private endeavour with no affiliation or ties to the Ardbeg Distillery, Glenmorangie plc or LVMH. This is the creation, by a whisky enthusiast, of a comprehensive list for all Single Malt Whisky ever produced from the Ardbeg Distillery. The primary objective would entail creating a system to catalog all Standard Expressions, Vintages, Single Casks, Committee, Feis Ile, Special, Limited, "One-off" or "Serendipitous" Releases ever originally bottled (OB) by Ardbeg.

The Purpose of this site is to provide a common place to share all of this information.

Future (TAP) goals include, but are not limited to (1) Maintaining an ongoing record of "Bottle Codes" for all OB's. (2) Collecting and organizing information about all Independent Bottler (IB), Mystery Malt (MM) and Private Party (PP) bottles in existence with Ardbeg Single Malt Whisky.

WARNING: This IS a work in progress, and (TAP) does not claim to have the information for ALL Ardbeg bottles ever released. This is the beginning of a (hopefully) community effort to organize all information about the Ardbeg Distillery releases, for both the "pre" and "post" Glenmorangie Revival. If you have an original Ardbeg bottle that is not listed here, go to the Contact page and let us know of your bottle.

Questions/Comments: If you see anything you like or dislike or have any suggestions or comments, especially if you see any mistakes in the information, let us know by going to the Contact page, and we will make the appropriate corrections.

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