Launch date (UK): September 21, 2009
Launch date (US): Early October, 2009

Expression: Corryvreckan

Bottled: 2009

Age: NAS

ABV: 57.1%

Bottle Size: 70cl, 750ml

Cask Type: Variety

Number of Bottles: Lots 'o' bottles

Bottled for: Worldwide

Box: Yes

Insert/Booklet: ????

Front Label: 70cl, 750ml

Back Label: ????

Initial Cost: 60 GBP; 85 USD

August 28th - The General Release Corryvreckan was reviewed by Tim Forbes from The Whisky Exchange Blog. The RRP was announced at 70GBP for the UK, causing some lively discussion about the price for the Corryvreckan. Over on Gordon Homer's "Spirit of Islay" forum, similar opinions were uttered throughout the weekend.

August 30th - John Hansell's "What Does John Know?" blog reported the US price would be $85, spurring even more comments about prices as well as opinions in general.

August 31st - A press release was posted on Kevin Erskine's "Scotchblog", reporting the price to be "around 60GBP".

What does all this mean? Do blogs and forums have an impact on final pricing consideration? Most would say no, but it's nice to see a coincidence like this once in a while.

Picture is courtesy of Tim Forbes from The Whisky Exchange Blog.

Front with Box

EU Back with Box

Bottle Codes for Corryvreckan Committee and General Release, including any other Expressions bottled on the same day or within hours of either Corryvreckan.

Bottle Code Expression Size Market Day Month Year
L8 079 10:37 4ML Corryvreckan (Comm) 700 UK 19 March 2008
L9 166 11:50 6ML Corryvreckan 700 Belgium 15 June 2009
L9 166 14:42 6ML Corryvreckan 700 UK 15 June 2009
L9 166 16:48 6ML Corryvreckan 700 Australia 15 June 2009
L9 231 12:21 6ML Corryvreckan 700 Denmark 19 August 2009
L9 231 17:46 6ML Corryvreckan 750 US (MH) 19 August 2009
L10 167 18:11 6ML Corryvreckan 750 US (MH) 16 June 2010
L10 168 07:22 6ML Corryvreckan 700 UK 17 June 2010

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