Single Cask 4701 - Clan des Grand Malts (France)

Cask #: 4701

Date filled: 26 December, 1975

Date bottled: 26 March, 2002

Age: 26

ABV: 46.2%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Cask Type: Sherry Hogshead

Number of Bottles: 252*

Bottled for: Clan des Grand Malts (Split Cask with Societe Dugas)

Box: 2nd Release - Black Cardboard Box

Insert/Booklet: None

Front Label: Black Label

Back Label: Cask Details

Initial Price: ???

*-Single Cask 4701 was a split cask for "Societe Dugas" and "Clan des Grand Malts". It seems that bottles 1-126 were bottled for "Societe Dugas", and bottles 127-252 were bottled for "Clan des Grand Malts". This is an estimated range as all the bottles I've seen for each have been within the aforementioned number range. It would also be logical for a 252 bottle cask that is split in two be divided equally among the parties, unless a prior agreement was made. The lowest bottle number I've found for "Clan des Grand Malts" is 131, and the highest bottle number I've found for "Societe Dugas" is 78. Anyone with more information please see the contact page. I also apologize for not including the accent on the "e" in "Societe", but the Firefox browser seems to have problems with displaying these characters without the language pack.

Front Label - Clan des Grand Malts Back Label - Clan des Grand Malts

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