Single Cask 2742 - Bottled for Hotel Bars around the World

Cask #: 2742

Date filled: 14 June, 1974

Date bottled: 20 September, 2005

Age: 31

ABV: 42.7%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Cask Type: Bourbon

Number of Bottles: 36

Bottled for: Hotel Bars around the World

Box: 3rd Release - Special Leather Box

Insert/Booklet: Tasting Notes

Front Label: Black Label with Gold Border, Cask Details

Back Label: None

Initial Price: ???

Single Cask 2742 has the lowest output for any single cask ever released from the Ardbeg Distillery. At just 36 bottles, this is probably the gem for Ardbeg collectors, and an even more unlikey notch in the belt for the Ardbeg Connoisseur seeking to taste all releases from Ardbeg. One of the most prominent Ardbeg collectors, Geert Bero, said these were released to the Hotel Bars of the World, which makes it an even more difficult bottle to acquire.

UPDATE: On June 27, 2009 - A bottle sold for 8114 Euros on Kruger's Whisky Auction.

Front w/box

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Tasting Notes Insert

Back of Bottle

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