Expression: Blasda

Bottled: 2008-2010

Age: NAS

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 5cl, 70cl

Box: Black

Number of Bottles: 18,000 (see below)

Distribution: UK, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, NZ

Confirmed Markets: UK, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, NZ

Importers: ???

Front Label Varieties: No variations confirmed

Back Label Varieties: UK, EU, JP, AS, AUS

Initial Cost: 41.99 GBP

The Ardbeg Blasda was first released in October 2008 to the UK and EU markets. It was introduced in Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand shortly thereafter, and if anyone from the Canadian, New Zealand or Australian markets have any pictures that are different than those represented here, we would greatly appreciate your input on the CONTACT page.

Shortly after Blasda was launched, reports were seen on the web stating that only 1800 bottles were released. This was also seen on The Whisky Exchange, but TWE reports 1800 for the UK. I have wondered if the "1800 for UK" was just for the initial release, and that there have been subsequent deliveries, above and beyond the "1800".

UPDATE: Subsequent bottle code discoveries have proven this bottle was released from 2008-2010, which makes this more of a market (most markets except US) specific release.

Front Label (same on UK, EU and Japan).

UK Back

EU Back

Japan Back

Bottle Codes for Blasda, including any other Expressions bottled on the same day or within hours of Blasda.

Bottle Code Expression Size Market Day Month Year
L8 206 10:54 5ML TEN (NEW) 50 Blasda Peat Pack 24 July 2008
L8 209 11:22 5ML Blasda 50 Blasda Peat Pack 27 July 2008
L8 224 10:11 6ML Blasda 700 Australia 11 August 2008
L8 225 11:50 6ML Blasda 700 UK 12 August 2008
L8 226 08:45 6ML Blasda 700 UK 13 August 2008
L9 029 11:45 6ML Blasda 700 Germany 29 January 2009
L9 084 18:00 6ML Blasda 700 Canada 25 March 2009
L10 049 10:23 6ML Blasda 700 Australia 18 February 2010

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