This page contains the list of Box Codes recorded for Ardbeg expressions since the Glenmorangie purchase in 1997. The list is "very" incomplete which reflects the difficulty in findng box codes from "internet pics". I found many Bottle Codes by looking at pics on the net, but there are rarely pictures taken of the box bottom. Subsequently, I have not been able to compile box codes to the same degree of bottle codes.

Recording box codes is something most people have not attempted, and I've listed a few reasons why this is difficult.
  • Not all expressions have box codes.
  • Boxes can be exchanged or substituted by anyone selling the bottle.
  • Some shops throw out boxes, creating "box replacement" by the collector/drinker with a box issued at a different time.
  • The box has nothing to do with the taste of the whisky.
  • Probably 99.99% of drinkers/collectors don't know or care about box codes.
Originally, I began recording box codes simply because it was on the box. However, after seeing label varieties (TEN, Uigeadail, ANB), I wanted to create a timeline of any changes made to the box. I felt it couldn't hurt to record these codes, and for those out there that feel they need to collect all varieties, then he/she can ensure their boxes match their bottles.

The box code above and on the box to the right is from a US release 750ml "Old" TEN imported by Moet-Hennessy in 2007.

Expressions with a box code:

TEN (New and Old)
Uigeadail (New)
Supernova (Stellar)

Expressions with NO boxcode:

Still Young
Almost There
Uigeadail (Old Boxes)
Airigh Nam Beist

Here is the current list of box codes. I have yet to examine any of the Vintage boxes for codes so if you have any information on them, please go to the CONTACT page and send in your codes.

NOTE: The reference to TYPE I and TYPE II is in regards to the flaps in the box top. TYPE I has the flaps connected to the box whereas TYPE II the flaps are loose. ITYO stands for "Introducing TEN Years Old".

Box Code Expression Size Market Year Type/Details
4ARDBCT003 17 700 UWE 1997-02 TYPE I
4ARDBCT004 17 750 US (BF) 2002 TYPE I
4ARDBCT012 TEN (OLD) 700 UWE 2000 ITYO
4ARDBCT013 TEN (OLD) 750 US (BF) 2000-01 ITYO
4ARDBCT014 TEN (OLD) 1000 Duty Free 2000 ITYO
4ARDBCT024 TEN (OLD) 700 EU 2004
4ARDBCT025 TEN (OLD) 750 US (BF) 2001 TYPE I
4ARDBCT025 TEN (OLD) 750 US (BF) 2001 TYPE II
4ARDBCT025 TEN (OLD) 750 US (BF) 2003 TYPE I
4ARDBCT025 TEN (OLD) 750 US (BF) 2003 TYPE II
4ARDBCT025 TEN (OLD) 750 US (BF) 2004 TYPE II
4ARDBCT026 TEN (OLD) 1000 Duty Free 2004 TYPE II
4ARDBCT027 1977 700 Germany 2001 TYPE I
4ARDBCT045 TEN (OLD) 750 US (BF) 2005 TYPE II
4ARDBCT045 TEN (OLD) 750 US (BF) 2006 TYPE II
4ARDBCT046 TEN (OLD) 1000 German 2007 TYPE II
4ARDBCT050 TEN (OLD) 750 US (MH) 2006 TYPE II
4ARDBCT050 TEN (OLD) 750 US (MH) 2007 TYPE II
4ARDBCT061 TEN (NEW) 700 UK/EU 2008 New Box Design
4ARDBCT063 TEN (NEW) 1000 Netherlands 2008 New Box Design
4ARDBCT065 Blasda 700 UK 2008 Limited Edition
4ARDBCT076 Uigeadail 700 UK/EU 2010 New Box Design
4ARDBCT077 Uigeadail 750 US (MH) 2010 New Box Design
4ARDBCT078 Supernova 700 UK/EU 2009 Stellar Release
4ARDBCT079 Corryvreckan 700 UK/EU 2009 No Swimming!
4ARDBCT080 Corryvreckan 750 US (MH) 2009 No Swimming!
4ARDBCT081 Supernova 750 US (MH) 2009 Stellar Release

More details on boxes will be added in the future, including the time frame of the Uigeadail box change from "Flip-Top" to "Standard". STAY TUNED!

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