Peat Pack - The Story of Peat miniature set.

Expression: Story of Peat

TEN: 46%

17: 40%

Uigeadail: 54.2%

Kildalton 1981: 52.6%

Year released: 2006

Bottle Size: 5cl

Box: Brown

Insert/Booklet: Story of Peat

Distribution: UK, Europe

Confirmed Markets: UK, Europe

Importers: ???

Front Label Varieties: None

Back Label Varieties: None

Initial Cost: £19.99

Original Ardbeg Online Shop advertisement.

The definitive guide to peat

We thought our name would be mud if we didn't get round to compiling the definitive guide to Islay's peat; that which gives Ardbeg its delectable smokiness. So here it is. An intriguing peat box containing an intriguing peat book, expertly penned by whisky expert Jim Murray. With it, four evidential samples of Ardbeg expressions, each with its own peaty tale to tell! There's the famous punch of 10 Years Old, begging comparison with the subtle and extremely rare 17 Years Old, while the smoky flavours of Uigeadail await contrast with lightly peated Kildalton, never before bottled in miniature…

Could there be a more perfect peaty present for passionate peat lovers?

The peat pack is available from Oddbins in the UK and specialist whisky shops across Europe. We are unable to deliver whisky to the USA or Canada.

Price: £19.99

Source: - circa Feb. 2006

Open box.

Back of box.

Bottle Codes for the TEN, 17, Uigeadail and Kildaton for the Story of Peat mini pack.

Bottle Code Expression Size Market Day Month Year
L2 331 1432 5ML 17 - Story of Peat 50 UK 27 November 2002
L3 132 5ML 1609 TEN (OLD) Story of Peat 50 Australia 12 May 2003
L3 133 5ML 1647 TEN (OLD) Story of Peat 50 Australia 13 May 2003
L5 299 13:44 5ML 1981 Kildalton - Story of Peat 50 Australia 26 October 2005
L5 300 11:29 5ML Uigeadail - Story of Peat 50 Australia 27 October 2005

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